James K. DelloRusso, MD, PC


James DelloRusso, MD, is a Board Certified anesthesiologist who has trained in and managed a variety of pain management problems over many years. He has been a practicing anesthesiologist since beginning his practice in California 1988 after finishing his medical training on the East coast. He has also been the Medical Director for a number of local hospital and Surgery Center anesthesiology departments, and is the managing partner of a local anesthesia medical group.

He has experience with many common medical pain issues, and has overseen the chronic pain management program at his prior multi-specialty medical group.

He is very excited to be a part of the Fountain Valley Integrative Physical Medicine practice and firmly believes that most common pain issues can be managed with a multi-disciplinary, multi-modal approach to treatment, without the use of narcotic pain medication, as is the philosophy at FVIPM.

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