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My condition has improved remarkably. My care and those who provide it exceeded all of my expectations.
Michael C.
I feel my condition has improved 90-100% since my accident. Excellent care given.
Bonnie H.
The Laser Therapy has been a tremendous help with my pain and healing. Every time I come to the office, I get better.
Cynthia T.
My pain is much better. Doctors and staff here are great! Friendly and very caring.
Karen C.
I was facing knee surgery and in a lot of pain, almost unable to walk! Dr. Lane is a miracle worker. With the K-Laser and his rehab, I am walking and feel almost no pain a month later. Thank you so much!
T. White
You guys are awesome!
A. Montgomery
Since I first came to Fountain Valley Physical Medicine my “ailments” are 100% better-now I am in a holding pattern and every little & big ailment are taken care of immediately.
M. Dyson