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We offer many treatment options for both immediate relief and long-term correction. Based on your conditions and preferences, it could involve a combination of both traditional and natural alternative methods.

Your first visit to Fountain Valley Physical Medicine will be a consultation with one of our specialists, who will review your history with you, discuss any current problems or complaints, complete a physical examination, and may order a series of advanced tests to further diagnose your condition.

Our doctors will review the results with you, and offer a selection of advanced treatment options as part of a personalized treatment plan.

Some of the advanced treatment options available include:

  • Trigger Point Muscle Injections
  • Stem Cell Joint Injections
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Disc Decompression Traction
  • Postural/Structural Corrective Traction/Exercises
  • Medication Review & Management
  • Matrix(tm) Vaseo-Pneumatic Muscle Stimulation
  • Class Four Laser Therapy
  • Spinal/Extremity Joint Manipulation
  • Dietary Assessment
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Extremity Joint Injections

The treatments employed and the methodology followed by Fountain Valley Physical Medicine are tried and proven, clients have experienced improved physical and emotional health, the return to an active and fulfilling life, improved workplace productivity, reduced long-term medical costs and the avoidance of invasive surgery.

One of the benefits of the Fountain Valley Physical Medicine experience is our focus on patient education regarding diagnosis, treatment and self management strategies. We pride ourselves on the amount of care and attention our physicians give to each patient’s needs.