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Treatment Philosophy

The physicians at Fountain Valley Physical Medicine have a philosophy that is a three prong approach to helping our patients.

  • First, is the Diagnostic Exam. Most of our patients agree, it is the most thorough exam they have ever received. Depending on your condition it may include:

    1. Computerized Range of Motion Testing

    2. X-ray Bio-mechanical Spinal Analysis for spinal instability, leg length analysis, global posture evaluation.
    3. Electro-myographic exam or Nerve Conduction Velocity testing for arm/leg pain patients
  • Second, is the necessity for patients to undergo some form of physical therapy such as Disc Decompression Traction, electric muscle stimulation, therapeutic laser therapy, stretching and strengthening exercises, therapeutic massage, ice and heat, or just continued moderate activity at a level and pace that is appropriate for each individual.

  • Third, is the use of conservative physical medical procedures (if needed) such as:

    1. Muscular Trigger Point Injections (Lidocaine)

    2. Prescription Compound Pain Creams
    3. Stem Cell Injections
    4. Extremity Joint Injections

Our comprehensive, individualized treatment plans are designed to meet your specific goals and produce the best possible results.

The numerous modalities that are used by our physician’s to treat our patients is the reason why we our so successful with eliminating or reducing the fatigue, frustration and isolation experienced by so many with disabling pain disorders.

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